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What we do.

First things first. Naive really love moving minds and touching hearts. Founded in 2007 by film directors and motion graphic designers it's fair to say that our expertises lies in a lot of different areas.

We make commercials. We develop concepts and stories with captivating content, helping agencies and clients to visualize their ideas by making creative master pieces. In the most humble way.

We're also an animation studio with special skills in 2D, 3D, Art direction and motion graphics. We've created countless of title sequences for blockbuster movies and popular TV-series all around the world. Whether you want help with your sophisticated perfume commercial or the most advance underwater 3D animation, we're here to assist.

We have a department assigned to fiction. We produce award winning feature films, tv-series, and shorts. Find out more here.

Djurens Rätt Världens bästa djurskydd

Sveriges Radio P4

Agency: Anr+1

Akavia Från idag till imorgon

Agency: Garbergs

Sova Cactus

Lindex Underwear

Agency: Milkshake / Sony

Tove Styrke Show me Love

Produced by: Grand Slam

Klarna Klarna Kortet

Agency: Acne

IKEA Launch

Agency: Miltton

WWF Eat 4 Change

Agency: Acne

Sneakers'n'Stuff Sneakers'n'Stuff

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