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Oskar Gullstrand

Oskar is a digital native with an art-beating heart. Having toured the world as a musician with the synth pop duo The Sounds of Arrows, he’s become a film director with musicality as his method. His ideas are quite often inspired by a beat or a melody. The pacing and rhythm of the editing is what makes his films truly captivating.

Oskar is experienced in directing both dramas and commercials, and has done his fair share of post-heavy productions, working as an animator and motion designer. He has a knack for directing and working with people, especially children and teenagers. In 2017 he wrote and directed his first live action TV series Stopp! for SVT, which ended up being the most popular kids’ show at that time, with 2 equally successful consecutive seasons.

Agency: Garbergs

Lidl Matriket

Kids of the Apocalypse Transmission One

Raw Fury Skald

Agency: Linkin

Östgötatrafiken Varje Resa Räknas

Agency: Anr+1

Akavia From Today until Tomorrow

Agency: Garbergs

Sova Cactus

Agency: Milkshake / Sony

Tove Styrke Show me Love

Sveriges Radio P4

Agency: Holy

MER Våga vara Mer

Agency: Milkshake / Sony

Tove Styrke Start Walking

Skrazzle Kids

Lindex Kids

Agency: Acne

IKEA Lattjo

Agency: Pjadad

IKEA The Kiss

Agency: Acne

Sneakers'n'Stuff Sneakers'n'Stuff

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