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Naive Animation Studio has a unique skill creating vibrant eye-catching stories.

A versatile in-house crew specialized in 2D, 3D, Art direction and motion graphics. We create commercials, VFX & title sequences.

Agency: Animal

Alleima 900 ways to make a change

Kids of the Apocalypse Transmission One

Agency: BRF

C MORE Agata Christies Hjerson

Wunderino The Hand

Wunderino Stormy Mountains

Djurens Rätt World’s best animal welfare

Kids of the Apocalypse Release trailer

Agency: Anr+1

Akavia From Today until Tomorrow

Agency: Yellowbird

C MORE Bäckström

Agency: Garbergs

Sova Cactus

Agency: Garbergs

Sova Concrete

Agency: Fabrik

CBS Interrogation

Agency: FLX

C MORE Blinded

Agency: FLX

C MORE Blinded Season 2

Agency: Acne London

Google Transfer Stories

Agency: Mastiff

Gant Couple Thinkers

Montrose Pictures A Dangerous Game

Agency: FLX

C MORE Adult Behavior

Agency: Acne

IKEA A Space for Kids to be Kids

Agency: Acne

General Electric Curing

Agency: Yellowbird

C MORE Hidden

Production Company: Newland, VFX by: Naive Animation Studio

Electrolux Break The Pattern

Agency: Acne

Sneakers'n'Stuff Sneakers'n'Stuff

Film Animation Studio Fiction